Reneka Espresso Machines


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Reneka Espresso Machines. Commercial Professional Industrial - recently found items.

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Espresso Machines, the primary working functions

Espresso machines are specialty coffee-making devices. Espresso machines vary in price depending on the type and come in a variety of sizings with matching features.. In the marketplace you will generally find five different types of espresso machines.

Manual Espresso Machines

The manual espresso machine requires the operator to manage each step of the espresso coffee brewing process. Manual espresso machines feature a lever that the user manually operates to apply pressure to water forcing it through the coffee grinds to produce a cup of coffee. Initially, coffee grinds are packed into the portafilter with a tamper then the portafilter is attached to the espresso machine to begin the manual lever action. The design of the manual machine means there is no steam pump engineered into these machines to aid the brewing process. Therefore, any user of a manual machine requires some training to produce a cup of espresso coffee.

Potential espresso machine owners, who seek a more authentic espresso brewing experience can opt for purchasing a manual espresso machine. Manual espresso machines also suit those in training as professional baristas for the reasons that the trainee experiences all the stages involved in the brewing process and gains an a deeper understanding of the complete espresso brewing process.

Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines

Semi-automatic espresso machines are available from a number of manufacturers. Automatic controls feature on this kind of espresso machine, which automate the espresso brewing stages. With a semi-automatic machine you need to supply coffee to the portafilter, tamp the grounds and when finished, clean the machine. A coffee bean grinder is not usually included in the semi-automatic type espresso machine.

Automatic Espresso Machines

Easier to operate compared to the manual and semi-automatic machines, these machines produce an espresso coffee drink with little interaction from the user.

This type of espresso machine is often found in cafes and restaurants for preparing espresso drinks. The easy control features of the automatic machine is useful for professional purposes when there is volume demand for espresso drinks.

Using an automatic machine only requires the barista to insert coffee grounds into the portafilter, push the auto buttons and wait for the machine to deliver the espress coffee into the cup. Automatic machines feature settings for one or more cups with outlets for both regular and decaffeinated espresso strength. The machine then delivers an espresso coffee in a few seconds. Included with automatic machines is a milk steamer. This is controled by either a knob is a preset button. The barista chooses with to use depending on the amount of control is required on the final espresso quality. Fully automatic machines are fast, easy to learn and productive but lose the artistic side of espresso making.

Steam Driven Espresso Machines

Steam driven espresso machines are considered an older type of machine. Steam driven models use steam pressure and boiling water to produce the espresso coffee. The models are inexpensive, brew a cup of espresso in one minute and may or may not contain a pump to aid in sending water through the coffee grinds.

Super Automatic Espresso Machines

Expensive and high-end, super automatic espresso machines contain a grinder for processing coffee beans; automatic coffee tamping, a pump and a waste box for used coffee grinds. Although these machines are high ticket items, the espresso making process is fully automated right to the final step of turing itself off.