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How do Espresso Machines Make Espresso Coffee

Espresso machines are devices specifically designed to brew espresso coffee drinks. Espresso machines vary in price depending on the type and come in a variety of sizes with matching features. There are five types of espresso machines available for purchase.

Manual Espresso Machines

Manual espresso machines require the user to manually initiate each process step of brewing an espresso coffee. The machines feature a lever that is manually operated to force water through coffee grinds to brew a cup of espresso. Initially, coffee grinds are compressed into the portafilter with a tamper then the portafilter is connected to the espresso machine to begin the manual lever action. Manual espresso machines do not contain a pump to aid in the brewing process and needs a learning period and exact timing to brew a cup of espresso correctly.

Manual espresso machines suit those users who want a more authentic espresso brewing experience. Manual espresso machines can also suit trainee baristas. As a training tool, trainee student baristas get the chance to experience all aspects of the espresso brewing process while developing a deeper appreciation of the espresso coffee tradition.

Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines

Semi-automatic espresso machines are available on the market from a range of brand manufactures. These machines have automatic controls to begin and stop the espresso making process and a pump to assist the brewing stage. Semi-automatic machines require you to add the coffee grounds, tamper the grinds in the portafilter and clean the machine when finished. Semi-automatic espresso machines do not feature a coffee bean grinder.

Automatic Espresso Machines

Easier to operate compared to the manual and semi-automatic machines, these machines create an espresso coffee drink with little interaction from the operator.

This type of espresso machine is often found in cafes and restaurants for preparing espresso drinks. High volume cafes find the push-button operation convenient and fast, which is a big help in situations with constant customer flow.

Using an automatic machine only requires the barista to insert coffee grounds into the portafilter, push the auto buttons and wait for the machine to deliver the espresso coffee into the cup. The machines may have settings for one or more cups with different sides for regular and decaffeinated brew. A cup of espresso is made in seconds. A knob or preset button controls the milk steamer. This gives the barista choices over the final espresso texture. Automatic espresso machines produce espresso coffee in a fast and easy manner and are most suited to the professional cafe or restaurant setting.

Steam Driven Espresso Machines

The oldest type of espresso machine, steam driven models use steam pressure and boiling water to create espresso and other coffee drinks. The models are inexpensive, brew a cup of espresso in about one minute and may or may not contain a pump to aid in sending water through the coffee grinds.

Super Automatic Espresso Machines

Super automatic espresso machines are a recent design development in the espresso machine marketplace. These machines manage the whole espresso process, namely: preparing the coffee beans; automatically filling the portofilter and tamping the coffee grounds; pump water through the coffee grinds and dispensing the waste coffee. The complete espresso making cycle is fully automated by these types of machines. When finished the machine automatically shuts down.

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