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Capresso Espresso Machines. Commercial Professional Industrial - recently found items.

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How do Espresso Machines Work

Espresso machines are specialty coffee-making devices. The price for an espresso machine depends on the type; brand and model. Each type of espresso machine varies in size and feature list. Espresso machines can be classified into five groups.

Manual Espresso Machines

The manual espresso machine requires the operator to manage each step of the espresso coffee brewing process. The manual lever action on a manual machine facilitates water through coffee grinds resulting in a cup of espresso coffee. The coffee grinds require compression in the portafilter, referred to as tamping, before starting the brew step. The design of the manual machine means there is no steam pump engineered into these machines to assist the brewing process. Therefore, any user of a manual machine requires a learning phase to produce a cup of espresso coffee.

Manual espresso machines suit those users who want a more authentic espresso brewing experience. Manual espresso machines can also suit student baristas. As a training tool, trainee trainee baristas get the chance to experience all facets of the espresso brewing process while developing a deeper appreciation of the espresso coffee tradition.

Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines

Many manufactures produce semi-automatic espresso machines. Automatic controls feature on this type of espresso machine, which automate the espresso brewing phases. You must manually supply coffee to the machines, tamp the coffee grinds in the portafilter and clean the machines when finished. A coffee bean grinder is not usually attached in the semi-automatic type espresso machine.

Automatic Espresso Machines

For users who don't want to control the brewing process, automatic espresso machines are not difficult to use, contain a pump and brew a cup of espresso without interaction from the user.

This type of espresso machine is often found in cafes and restaurants for preparing espresso drinks. High volume cafes find the push-button operation convenient and fast, which is a big help in locations with constant customer flow.

To use an automatic espresso machine, the barista grinds the coffee, inserts it into the portafilter, pushes a button and waits for the coffee cup to fill. Automatic machines feature settings for one or more cups with outlets for both regular and decaffeinated espresso strength. The machine then delivers an espresso coffee in a few seconds. Included with an automatic machines is a milk steamer. This is controlled by either a knob is a preset button. The barista chooses what to use depending on the amount of control required for the final espresso quality. The design features of automatic espresso machines ensure that brewing espresso coffee is fast, ideal for high volume demand purposes, easy to learn how to operate.

Steam Driven Espresso Machines

The oldest type of espresso machine, steam driven models use steam pressure and boiling water to produce espresso and other coffee drinks. The steam driven espresso type of machine is generally less expensive than the automatic and semi-automatic machines. Depending on the model, a pump may or may not be included to aid with forcing hot water through the coffee grounds.

Super Automatic Espresso Machines

Expensive and high-end, super automatic espresso machines contain a grinder for processing coffee grounds; automatic coffee tamping, a pump and a waste box for used coffee grinds. The complete espresso making cycle is fully automated by these types of machines. When finished the machine automatically shuts down.